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Our Call Analytics solution contains many advanced features:

  • Support for up to 50 agents, unlimited queues and campaigns
  • Single and multiple reporting for queues/campaigns
  • Weekly activity breakdown in days or hours
  • Business targets measurements against SLAs
  • Staff performance analysis on ACD/non-ACD activities
  • Exportable reporting data to common formats


Call Recording is commonly used for quality or training purposes. With our call recording product, you will receive WAV files for your review. It can be configured to automatically or manually trigger. All triggers will notify the caller that the call is being recorded. 

Automatic Call Distribution takes your incoming calls and distributes them automatically among your agents.
There are many ways for this to be configured, with the most popular options shown below:

  • Rotary Call Distribution is where calls are spread evenly among all agents, where agents are given calls by how long they have been waiting for a call.
    This is common where agents have similar skill levels and can service all calls.
  • Skill-based Call Distribution routes calls based on the skills of the agents. It is almost always accompanied by an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) so that callers can indicate their needs.
  • Simultaneous Call Distribution alerts all agents of a call simultaneously. It reduces customer wait time, as the first agent to pick up the call will service the caller.
  • Call Time Distribution assigns incoming calls to the agents who have spent the least amount of time on call. It's used to equitably spread calls among agents.

Music on hold is an included feature in all of our phone systems. However, if your callers are waiting in queue, having periodic announcements can provide relevant information to waiting callers.

Not all members of a call centre are always active. While an agent is offline, they can easily log out, providing more accurate statistics.
This synergises well with hotdesking, so your business can maximise space.

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