Work From Anywhere

Adapt to the ever-changing work landscape with flexible solutions.

Changing the way your business works?

If your business is facing communication challenges, we have solutions for you. 

It’s no secret that businesses have been changed forever by the impact of COVID-19.

Although businesses were already trending towards employing more remote staff and utlising tools to enable communication, the COVID-19 pandemic still caused many problems for many businesses. 
As remote work continues to grow in popularity, we know that businesses need communications systems that can work the way they do. 

That’s why all of IPC Solutions’ communications systems are designed for use from any network capable location.

With our Softphone and Teams Calling products, you can enjoy the full functionality of a phone system from anywhere.

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The Softphone is a tool that allows you to make use of your communications in any location and at any time.

You can make calls, see your call history, quickdial contacts, send messages, transfer calls, conference call and much more. 

All from the comfort of your pocket or computer.


Teams Calling

Maximise the power of Microsoft Teams. 

We can provide and support taking and receiving external calls, directly from your Teams application on computer, tablet or mobile phone. 
Functions like park, call hold, call transfers and more. 

A great option if you’re already using Teams heavily.


Supported no matter where you work.

We'll keep you connected from anywhere.

Products to help you work from anywhere.

Or get in touch if you have a unique need. 

Select your organisation size, then choose between pay as you go and unlimited calls.

Softphone could power you to work from anywhere.

Our Softphone can revolutionise the way your business communicates.

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