What is a Softphone?

A fully featured business communications solution, optimised for use no matter where you work from.

Business Phone

Get the full functionality of a desk phone on your mobile or on your PC. Full features with an intuitive user interface.

Call Control

Control the way you handle your business calls anytime, anywhere.


Instant messaging to system contacts. Group and direct messaging capability.

Call Log

See detailed information about who called you, for how long and whether they left a voicemail.

Why use a Softphone?

Transform your business communications.

Take Control

No more giving out your personal mobile and receiving calls at all hours of the day or night.

Work Flexibly

It’s more important than ever to have the right tools to help your business to run smoothly from anywhere.

Feature Rich

All the features of a standard deskphone, plus more.

Easy to Use

Sleek, comfortable user interface that anyone can use. Full training material provided.

See the Softphone in detail!

Choose which feature you'd like to preview.

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The Keypad tab on the mobile and desktop application allows you to make calls by entering the number as you would on your mobile phone.

Click or tap the green phone icon to place the call.

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The History tab shows you all your placed, received and missed calls.

You can call back by clicking the phone icon, or click/tap the entry to see more details.

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The Contacts tab lets you quickly call colleagues and directory contacts alike.

In the System Users dropdown, you can see detailed availability for your colleagues.
In the Functions dropdown, you can access various features such as parking calls and setting the night switch.

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When you’re on call, you’re just a few taps away from transferring, parking, muting, holding, conferencing or recording the call. 

It’s familiar and it’s user friendly. 

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Messaging is easily available in your Softphone application.

You can message directly to one system contact, or start up a Room for a group chat.

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Configure your Softphone in the User Portal.

You can change your call forward destination, your voicemail destination email and more.