SIP Trunks

Work with us to help your clients pay for what they use, with less hassle and an attractive commission.

Calls provided and managed by IPC Solutions, on your exisiting infrastructure.

Need a new SIP trunk provider?

Changing your SIP trunk provider is easier than you think.

A SIP Trunk is a virtual connection that connects your VoIP phone system to the public network. 
If you’re sick of dealing with your existing provider, or tired of receiving poor service, now is the time to switch. 

You can still work with local business and get first class support while getting value on your infrastructure investment. 

Our SIP Trunk rates are below (all pricing GST ex): 


All calls pay as you go

$ 9 per channel/month


All national, local and mobile calls included

$ 44 per channel/month

Want to focus on your core business?

We can take the hassle out of providing telephony.

If you are a Managed Services Provider, you know that the more all-encompassing your services are, the better your offering.

That’s because the end user will always want clear communication, and to work with people they trust. If you can be that for all of their IT needs, jackpot.
However, if you want to focus on the elements of your business that you do best, your reference and your partnerships come to the fore.

That’s where IPC Solutions wants to meet you with our SIP Trunking solution.

Let's talk SIP Trunks.

See what it's like to have quality service and quality support.

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