How much is the Communication Appliance?

The Communication Appliance is only sold as a managed service and always remains the property of IPC Solutions. Purchased handsets and switches remain the property of the customer.

Do you provide fax, alarm or EFTPOS lines?

As running these services over VoIP can be problematic, IPC Solutions does not support analogue lines used by these devices. Note that all analogue services will eventually be replaced by the NBN so please contact your alarm or EFTPOS provider for alternatives. IPC Solutions is able to provide an online fax service however to replace existing fax […]

Can I use my existing phones?

If you are using Cisco SPA500 or Yealink T4x/T5x series phones then we are more than happy to use them in our solution. We can support other SIP handsets but the user experience is very much reduced. We are also able to support some analogue devices such as analogue phones, external ringers, door intercom etc…