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By working with IPC Solutions, you can take the hassle out of your business communications. 
Our solutions are designed with user experience in mind - so that you can do what you do best with a system that suits you.

We're local here in Canberra, Australia, which enables us to be responsive whenever you have a query or a support request. Our top priority is making sure that the end user has the best experience possible. It's what we're all about.

It does depend on the complexity and scale of the solution.

With that said, we target two weeks from the date that our proposal is accepted to have your new solution functioning fully. 

We schedule a date to come in and install the new phone system, ready for the date when your number is ported to our service. 

Your existing service will remain active throughout the process. 
As soon as the porting occurs, your calls will come through your new system. 

To ensure that the porting goes smoothly, we manage all interactions with your current provider for you.
All we need is to be authorised to act on your behalf, and then we can manage the porting of your number. 

The only disruption you may experience is during the port itself, which we schedule for the lowest impact to your business. 
Your phones may be offline for up to one hour.

We schedule a time to install the new system when convenient for you, and keep the existing system operational (if possible) while the install is done. We then train you in how best to use your new system. 
Next, we will place a diversion on your business number to the new system.  Once the diversion is tested and working, your old system is disconnected.

We then start the porting process of moving your business number to IPC Solutions so that calls come directly to your new system. The porting process can take up to a month and when it actually happens, there will be a brief outage when calls won’t be received for 5-15 mins.

Training is key to ensuring that you can get the most out of your solution. 
After we install the system, we will provide you with documentation and an in-person or phone training session.

You can also view training videos on our YouTube channel, or on this website!

For systems with 10+ users, we provide access to a User Portal, where you can make basic configuration changes, access voicemail, change your directory and more. 
You can see our User Portal Guide in the User Guides page for a full breakdown. 

If you have less than 10 users, the User Portal is not available. Please contact us at [email protected] with any queries, and we will walk you through what you can configure yourself.

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