COVID-19 – How Does it Affect Your Telecommunications?

Many have been highly impacted by COVID-19 and are fearful of what the future will bring. We, like many others, have been forced to work from home and limit contact with our customers and partners where possible.

As we have seen from around the world, it is likely that the greatest change to your current business practices is working remotely.
Are you experiencing any of these communication challenges?:

  • Connecting your computer at home to your office systems and files
  • Receiving office phone calls on your mobile and then being able to transfer them to the appropriate person
  • Seeing who is available to take calls at a particular time
  • Making phone calls from your mobile without having to show your mobile number or block your Caller ID
  • And more

Through these unprecedented times, IPC Solutions can help you!

We love communications and endeavour to connect people in, what currently seems, a disconnected world.
With our solutions, we are able to help with the following:

  • Setting up remote access so you can connect to your office computer network. We would work with your current IT Provider to provide this functionality
  • Diverting any office number to a mobile phone or other number
  • Configuring your office phone so you can take it home with you and it will work just like you are in the office
  • Setting up a Softphone on your computer and/or smartphone to make and receive calls via your office phone system
  • Setting up a number that allows you to call customers via your office phone system thereby showing your office phone number
  • Plus more

If you would like an obligation free discussion on what you can do and how we may be able to help, then feel free to contact us now.

Stay safe and stay connected!

Michael Knill
Managing Director
IPC Solutions